Who We Are

MIL, founded in year 2012 is recognised as global benchmark in Quality and Integrity and the efforts are always consistent to maintain same.

MIL carries out independent and impartial examination, verification, validation and assessment on behalf of clients, 3rd party and PMC’s Government agencies to ensure that systems and products are designed and constructed according to the specification requirements of the client. With our advanced testing technologies and our experienced and qualified staff we offer total quality services and high level expertise for commercial clients, governments and international institutions.

MIL is accredited according to ISO/ IEC 17025

Our Core Values

Complete Independence



MIL's senior team and experts are passionate and innovation driven. All our technicians and support staff work collaboratively with our customers to deliver high quality services.

Our Expertise


Everyone has to start somewhere, and many of the most successful entrepreneurs came come from very humble beginnings. Our founders started out small but grew their companies to professional levels.


Karan Khot

Karanji with good business acumen and with high level of perseverance, had a team of experts and with business sense in year 2012. He started with very little scope and built lucrative, widely known businesses through persistence and hard work.

He admits that there was no real strategy but was always willing to take chances and pursue something he was passionate about. This led to the foundation of MIL and currently growing high standards and eager to acquire more skills.


Praveen Madhial

The strength, success of MIL links to Mechanical testing and Praveenji’s credentials is are major contributor. This pillar strength with great ethics, core value and his prime habit of sharing and providing training to respective staff has led to stupendous strength to Mechanical testing.

The domain expertise for almost 28 years and the known core values in the market and thus our customer reach is very good with great quality.


Kalyanchandra Shrivastav

MIL success in Chemical testing is a key contributor with Shrivastavji’s expertise and domain experience for 38 years.

The clients approach with only his prime credentials attached to MIL. This indeed has helped MIL to reach good heights and progressively achieving the company goals.

Quality Policy

MIL is responsible for the Quality testing, Integrity and reliability of the services offered to all clients, customers. MIL attempts and is always committed to provide services with impartiality, Dignity and deliver accurate, prompt testing of materials with speedy delivery of unambiguous testing reports at an affordable cost to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our effort is to continuously adopt and upgrade technology with regular training to employees and updating equipment and information so as to achieve continuous improvement of quality. The management and employees of MIL are committed to ensure that the quality management system instituted is adhered to by their team work & participation.

This goal is accomplished by the implementation of Quality Management Systems at all levels as per ISO / IEC 17025 – 2017 requirements.